Nyke OrigINals

An Electronic Arrangement written and recorded entirely by Nyke
An excerpt of Nyke's Original "Falling Down" recorded at Bret Alexander's Saturation Acres Studio, selected for the movie opening credits of the "Heros of Dirt."

Featuring Nyke

All String recorded by Nyke on Faith Evan's GRAMMY NOMINATED "He Is"

Nyke was selected to be one of the violinists to record on several tracks on the albums "Signature" & "Ain't Nothing Like Me" which topped charts for artist, Joe.

Released in 2009, Nyke recorded his all the strings heard here in "We Will" written by Bret Alexander for the Badlees


Nyke teamed up with producer Matt Holmes and engineer Derek Uston to co-wrtie the strings for "Quick to Run" for Front Porch Step.

Again teaming up with producer Matt Holmes, engineer Derek Uston and SAYWECANFLY's frontman &songwriter Braden Barrie to co-write the strings for "When I Come Home."